RE-ACT Workshop

RE-ACT Workshop 2016

In collaboration with TorinoFilmLab, 1 - 5 June, Izola, Slovenia

Out of 16 projects submitted for the second RE-ACT Workshop, the following 7 were selected:

  • Don Dynamo, writer: Jasmina Kallay, director: Kristijan Milić, producer: Stanko Babić (Telefilm), Croatia, fiction
  • Closed To the Public, writer/director: Vanja Sviličić, Producer: Damir Terešak (Maxima Film), Croatia, Fiction
  • Ugo, History's Eyes,writers/directors: Giordano Bianchi & Martina Marafatto, producer: Paolo Sponda (Border Studio), Italy, documentary
  • The Angel in the Wall, Writers: Lorenzo Bianchini & Fabrizio Bozzetti; director:Lorenzo Bianchini, producers: Samantha Faccio & Thomas Bertacche (Tucker Film), Italy, fiction
  • Don't Forget to Breathe, writers: Martin Turk & Gorazd Trušnovec, director: Martin Turk, producer: Ida Weiss (Bela Film), Slovenia, fiction
  • No Place Like Home, writer/director: Jurij Gruden, producer: Tanja Gruden (AVI Film), Slovenia, documentary
  • Wake Me, writers: Marko Šantić & Goran Vojnović, director: Marko Šantić, producers: Zala Opara & Danijel Hočevar (Vertigo), Slovenia, fiction